'helping our clients to make a difference...'


Like you, we recognise that change is not just about what is done, but about the way that it is done, in order to be sustainable and reach out to all involved, but most importantly to bring about improvement that is centred on the children and young people.

But how can you do that with all the other pressures you have?

At Lock House Consulting we help our clients to make a difference. We support them to develop and grow their education partnerships and collaborative working arrangements, create effective models of leadership and governance, design creative communication strategies that engage all stakeholders, and build innovative solutions and development strategies. We have successfully supported over 100 schools and academy trusts in their partnership and new school developments. If you would like to find out how we can help you to prepare for and respond to these changing times in education and to open possibilities...

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Lock House consulting has a range of success in:

  • helping schools and academy trusts to secure start-up, growth and merger development funds and grants
    — Lock House Consulting
  • developing effective multi-academy-trust, school to school and all-through school partnerships
    — Lock House Consulting
  • simple but effective trust board and governing body structural and skills audit approach
    — Lock House Consulting
  • developing creative and successful academy sponsors
    — Lock House Consulting
  • developing efficiency initiatives and shared services across schools
    — Lock House Consulting
  • creating an innovative and comprehensive academy consultation and communication model
    — Lock House Consulting
  • supporting successful free school and new provision proposals
    — Lock House Consulting
  • supporting multi-academy-trusts to develop successful growth and merger strategies and engage new schools into their trust
    — Lock House Consulting

What makes us different?

  • We do not just 'advise' - we are action-focused.

  • We draw from real experience where the outcomes have had a measurable impact on young peoples outcomes.

  • We work with clients and on projects that are focused on improving outcomes for children.

  • We have created successful partnerships and developed successful Governing bodies where engaging stakeholders effectively has been critical to the success.

  • We will take accountability and responsibility for our services that help deliver your success. We are outcome-focused.

  • We provide sustainable solutions to your challenges.

  • We treat each new client opportunity as unique and tailor the solution to meet defined and agreed objectives.

  • We are impartial and independent.

  • We take pride in our reputation and our testimonials support this.


Developing Partnerships

We can help you to develop your school or education partnership: Read more...

Supporting Academy/School Providers

Supporting Academy/School Providers:

Effective Stakeholder Engagement

We can support you to create and deliver effective communication and consultations strategies that engage all stakeholders in your plans and projects: Read more...

Supporting Governance & Leadership

We can support education leaders - Headteachers and Governors through change: Read more...